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    cannot install update


      Hey all. Getting frustrated here. Been trying for three days to update to 16. what ever. When I go to the download page, I unselect the McAfee option, and click on the download link. According to the page it is supposed to be a 17.02mb file. Only when I check the download its only 1mb   binary file. I click on it any way and the installer comes up, only it goes to 33% every-time and then loses connection. I have tried to follow the "back door" link only when I get there is says backend not allowed or available, cant recall which.

      I was on Chrome yesterday and the version 16.00 whatever the fluck it is was on there, but it  WILL NOT install on Firefox. any suggestions? Oh., I have windows 8.1 and Firefox version 34.0 Thanks in advance and have a good day all.