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    finding sw3d units

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      Is there a way to find out dimensions is a Shockwave 3D world? I created
      my model in 3D Max and things have their own real world units but when I
      go into sw3d, things are different. So, is there a way I could measure a
      distance/get the size of a 3D object in the world.

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          danieloizo Level 1

          I don't know wow you can get exact dimensions of a object created outside
          director, but you can get the bounding sphere size of a object

          O1 = w3d.model("object1")
          put o1.boundingsphere

          an you get something like this :

          -- [vector( 0.0000, 0.0000, 0.1816 ), 39.1799]
          39.1799 is the radius

          you can measure the distance between 2 objects with "distanceto" :

          O1 = w3d.model("object1")
          O2 = w3d.model("object1")
          put O1.worldposition.distanceto(O2.worldposition)
          -- 50.000
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            Thanks for this.

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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              Shockwave3D considers that everything is measured in "world units". What a unit means in the real world is up to you. You could create two spheres (say) of known (different) sizes and a known distance apart in 3D Max, then import them into Director. You could then check whether the distance between the spheres, and the radius of the boundingSphere of each of the spheres corresponds to the dimensions that you used in 3D Max. If not, you could work out what scaling factor you need to use to convert Shockwave3D's world units to the "real world" units that you used in 3D Max.