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    Pausing a streamed MP3

      Hi All,

      I am using the inbuilt 'Load Streaming mp3 behavior' in flash. I have it attached to a button. I have another button for pause. However, i cannot figure out what Actionscript to attach to this pause button. I am a total novice when it comes to Actionscript. I hope someone can help me.

      THis is the code on the play button -

      on (release) {

      //Load Streaming mp3 behavior
      if(_global.Behaviors == null)_global.Behaviors = {};
      if(_global.Behaviors.Sound == null)_global.Behaviors.Sound = {};
      if(typeof this.createEmptyMovieClip == 'undefined'){
      this._parent.createEmptyMovieClip('BS_AGarden',new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
      _global.Behaviors.Sound.AGarden = new Sound(this._parent.BS_AGarden);
      } else {
      this.createEmptyMovieClip('_AGarden_',new Date().getTime()-(Math.floor((new Date().getTime()) /10000)*10000) );
      _global.Behaviors.Sound.AGarden = new Sound(this.BS_AGarden);


      Thanks in advance :-)