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    Problems keyframing volume on a reversed audio clip

    SamShepard Level 1

      I'm running into an issue again that is really frustrating. I'm not able to both 1. reverse/retime an audio clip and 2. keyframe or change its volume. I can do one or the other but not both... when I do, the audio simply doesn't through my speakers. This has happened on multiple systems and projects on many different Mac machines with different GPUs and configurations.


      Interestingly I found other people noting the same problem (time changes and keyframes conflicting) all the way back to CS4: http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/897605


      I asked this question here before to no avail. I doubt I'll get a solution on here. But I am wondering now, should I enter this as a "bug" or a "feature request?"


      It seems like it SHOULD work, since Premiere allows me to keyframe the volume, and the audio meter reflects the decibel that should be playing. It just doesn't play through the speakers. I can reverse and keyframe the opacity of a video clip with no problems. Which makes me think this is a bug and not a "missing feature"


      So then I have to reverse the clip, export AIFF, re-import, and add keyframes, which is such a waste of time. So many hours of wasted time....