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    Working with Aspect Ratio to DVD - 800x600 projector vs. 720x480 DVD player

    Ramsey Bolton

      Hi there and thanks for reading. I don't post on this community often, so if there is better place for this question please point me there.


      First a little about my project: I'm a student of fine arts and my current work involves the use of a projector and 2d and 3d objects. Projection mapping, or video mapping has been a budding art form for quite some time, but I do not use any of the current software applications that would be best for the medium. My current process begins by setting up a physical 2d or 3d composition in my studio space and projecting my PC desktop onto the scene with a common classroom style projector. I begin "mapping" objects in my studio with Illustrator, and then import my project to After Effects in order to animate my composition. If I set my project resolution to something that doesn't match my projector resolution and go to full screen, my software composition will not match my physical composition. After my project is complete and I'm ready to show visitors, I'll export a video and set it to loop.


      For some time now I've been trying to work out a set of best practices so that my projects are clear and precise. Even the slightest bump and everything in the video mapping falls apart. Since my projector shoots a native 3:4 aspect ratio, and has a resolution of 800x600px, I set my Illustrator document size to the same. When I work in After Effects, I set my composition to the same res. and I make sure my settings are accurate when I go to export a video (typically h.264 format since I'm used to using my computer for playback).


      My current problem involves exporting my project for playback on a DVD player. As far as I know, the best format for DVD playback is mpeg2-DVD. This format demands that I convert to 720x480px - which is not in accordance with my projector. Can this problem be solved with After Effects composition or export settings?

      Any ideas, tips, or links that might be of help are greatly appreciated!