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    Need GREP expression to Find MD., PhD., FAAC. etc. but not at the end of sentence

    dgriffin1951 Level 1

      I'm just starting to utiilize GREP a little and was trying to write an expression the would find two or more uppercase or uppercase, lowercase, uppercase combination followed by a period such as MD., Phd., FAAC. etc. I'm attempting to to find those instances and remove the period so that it reads MD, PhD, FAAC etc.


      I came up with (\u\u|\u\l\u+)\. which works OK except that it also finds anything with 2-3 uppercase letters at the end of a sentence as well, which I dont' want.


      I also used $1 in the change to box to capture the phrases which seems to work fine as well.


      I would really just like to not find anything at the end of a sentence.


      Maybe something with lookahead or lookbehind. That's confusing me as well.


      Thanks for any help in advance.