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    Adobe Flash Player Updates too often


      Flash Player Updates are too often.

      Just last week or so I finished updating the 500+ computers we have here at Kahakai Elementary School to version 15.9.

      Now they all have to be updated to flash version 16.0

      The students can't get to the test web page without the correct flash, it won't load with v15.9 it now wants v16.0

      The students are NOT allowed to install/update software on the computers.

      Can you at least NOT UPDATE FLASH for a 3 month window?

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          f1ycaster Level 1

          If any or all of these computers have Internet access you can use Flash Player Settings Manager. Select the advanced tab and click on Change Update Settings. Click on the radio button to Allow Adobe to install updates.


          If these computers are networked, you can push the updates from your server.

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            There have been three updates in December 2014 I think. I have several computers. Despite the fact that in the Global Settings, Advanced, I have the radio button for "Allow updates (recommended)" checked, I still need to download a file, click on it several times, and remember to unclick the extremely annoying McAlfee download (Grrrr, which bombarded as I am with updates on all my computers I have forgotten to do which installs a very power consuming program, which I then have to uninstall) which takes time.


            On windows 8 the proxy settings can get in the way of the download requiring hours of work.


            I would prefer not to download flash at most once a year not THREE TIMES A MONTH.


            But perhaps I should be grateful to be using this software for free? or switch to HTML 5? There are firefox addins that allow one to choose, apparently.

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              No kidding. ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to watch a video that requires Flash, I have to update my Flash player! Ridiculous! It seems like at least once a week! If you have to update that often, there's something inherently wrong the platform. Figure it out! Stupid!