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      I'm attempting to install (with great difficulty) ADE on a replacement PC; but one of my antivirus programs, namely AVIRA has blocked the download with a Virus warning: TR/Agent.372552

      Apparently it is bundled in Softronic ADE downloads (in my case KOBO) and has been detected by 11 antivirus programs. This is a self-extracting archive and installer and has been known to bundle potentially unwanted software; name is softonicdownloader_for_password-folder.exe

      The question is do I proceed and rely on my antivirus to protect me or is there another source of a “clean” download of ADE for KOBO?

      Any advice appreciated, becoming quite stressed!!

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          Hi Sgt3355,


          I understand you downloaded Adobe Digital Editions via softonic.com?

          Try downloading it from the official Adobe website: Download | Adobe Digital Editions

          Does your antivirus still give this warning when you try installing it via this source?

          And ADE should work fine with Kobo when you download it from the official website, in fact I installed it for my own Kobo Glo last week.

          Feel free to post back when encountering any other problems. I'm not much of a computer geek, but I'll do my best to help you.


          PS: I recommend to always download software from the official producer's website and not to select any other 'recommended' programs such as the Ask toolbar or McAffee security.

          This way you don't get those PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

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            Sgt3355 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply

            I did in fact get a download from the "official" Kobo website (although the difference in heading was very close) in the end. But I am no further forward in result

            I have used my Kobo in conjunction with Adobe Digital Editions for a couple of years, but now I’m trying to set up this replacement PC it has all gone to RS.

            ADE recognises that there is a Kobo connected, and has the book I have downloaded in its library. But when I try to drag & drop it onto the Kobo it says that I do not have permission

            So the “virus” warning has sort of faded into the background as the system is un-useable and the ADE help pages tell me nothing of any use

            Frustrated, you bet your life I am; I’m not a happy bunny

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              RedDot Level 1

              Are you logged in as an administrator? Try right-clicking ADE and select run as administrator.


              If this doesn't solve the problem, when installing ADE you may have selected I want to authorize my computer without an ID.


              If you did, that means you can read ebooks on the device you installed ADE on, but you can't transfer them to other devices.

              Do you remember wether or not you selected this option?