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    How to determine the number of pixels of a desired object within a digital photograph?


      Hi everyone. I want to determine the number of pixels in an object that is part of a digital photo. I use cameras to film chunks of ice breaking away from ice cliffs or tidewater glaciers. I want to know the size of the ice chunk that my digital photographs capture. I know the width and height of the ice cliff in metres already, so I was thinking that I could convert the equivalent of 1 pixel : ? metres - this is really what I want to do. That way every time I see a chunk of ice breaking off, I can pull up the photo, outline the chunk, calculate how many pixels fill the area of ice removed by the chunk breaking off and convert to metres area 2 - thus giving me my size order. If anyone has ideas on how to do this I would really appreciate it, thanks so much community. I was thinking that Photoshop or Fireworks could help me with this, Ricky