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    Help! Deleted photos; what now?

    jiclark523 Level 1

      I was working in Lightroom (5.7) for the last few hours on my Mac (15-inch retina MacBook Pro running Mavericks with 16GB of RAM), and had just finished editing a bunch of .DNG's of a family Thanksgiving party. I switched from the Develop module to the Library, and had selected all the photos in preparation for exporting them as JPEGs to then upload to a shared Photo Stream. I did a little googling about whether or not there was a way to bypass iPhoto to do that, gave up, and returned to Lightroom. At that point, forgetting that all the photos were selected, I tried to delete one photo by clicking on it and hitting the delete key. BOOM! The folder was instantly purged. All the photos are in the trash in the Finder (along with all the other photos I'd deleted over the course of the evening) but there's no Undo option, and if I reimport them, all my edits will be gone, right? At this point, LR is sitting right where I was when this happened, in hopes that someone might have a magic trick to get me out of this mess.


      How can this be?? No confirmation dialog, and worse, no UNDO??? I'm sitting here, simply stunned.


      I looked at Time Machine, and the last backup was more than an hour ago. It appears there are about a dozen images I had edited in that time. If I restore from that backup, I assume the technique would be to quit Lightroom, restore both the images and the catalog from that last backup, then start LR back up and see how much work I have to redo. Does that sound right?


      And is there really no other option? I really cannot believe that Adobe would allow such a thing to happen without an undo!


      I would so greatly appreciate any and all suggestions.