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    Utility to collect/delete unused links?


      [INDD CC]  I inherited a very long do and have to update all links. Is there a way to collect and delete all unused links from the links palette and the links folder once they've been replaced? Kind of like how the swatch palette has a "select all unused" swatches and you can delete them?

      thnx ~~carol

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          Migintosh Level 4

          There might be a different way, but you could package the links into another folder, remove all of the links from the original folder and then move the packaged links to the original folder. You would end up with only the links that are used, which is what you are after. An alternative would be to use the OS to label the packaged links, then throw them back into the original folder without removing the original files. The packaged links would replace the originals, and then you could use the OS labels to see which were used and which were not. That might be useful if you think something might be important that wasn't a placed image, and you might not want to trash it.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            There shouldn't be any links in the Links panel that are not in use. If there are, the file is corrupt.


            That said, I would hesitate to remove any files from a folder unless you know for certain that they will never be used by anyone at any time. Re-packaging will make a new folder with copies of only the links in use, but if someone edits a different version of a link in a different location you'll never know and your new version will not get updated.

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              Migintosh Level 4

              I must have read that one too quickly, because I didn't notice that he said "links palette." I thought he was only talking about unused links in a folder. If there are extra items in the links panel, they could be on the pasteboard, but there is a page indicator in the window, so I'm guessing he didn't miss that. May be they are hidden objects (try Object>Show All On Spread) or on a hidden layer (check the layers panel). If they are on the pasteboard but you can't see them, they could have been pushed nearly off the edge. If you select all and deselect the visible items with the shift key, you will see the frame handles of anything that is mostly off of the pasteboard and into never-never land.

              Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 5.34.01 AM.png

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                sconz Level 1

                As a matter of fact I do have a hidden layer so I'll check this all out this afternoon when I get back from appts. Thank you so much for the quick responses - I'm sure that in here somewhere will be the clean up answer I need. This is one of those legacy docs that gets handed around for updates every year, instead of one of my own. When I got it everything was on one layer and the labels didn't make any sense - yada yada. So it will be a process to clean it up!

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                  sconz Level 1

                  I'm going to try a new packaging too, to see if the unused links are dropped in a new package. That would be ideal! Will report back asap!

                  thanks, ~carol