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    Problem uploading RAW/NEF portraits with black backdrop


      I uploaded 2 sets of head shots from View NX2 into LR: 1) prep session with a light background - no problems with the import and 2) actual session of 1200 photos taken using a black back drop. In this second set, the original imported photo looks much like the NEF image in View NX2, however, when LR finishes loading the image, it is deeply darkened - enough to require significant editing. The histogram is changed and has no resemblance to the histogram in NX2 (LR histogram is far left). I have searched everywhere to find an answer. I'm happy to re-import. It's just really unclear to me what went wrong, here.  One thought I is that LR does not recognize the off-camera flash, however, just changing that and the camera profile are not enough. Any thoughts, please? Thank you!