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    Newly bought Samsung Lens 16-50 PZ; in LR 4.4 no lens correction possible (the 18-55, 50-200 and 30/f2 lens corrections work flawlessly), how can I add the lens profile?

    NX 16-50 PZ Lens Profile

      Hallo dear forum,


      I recently bought the Samsung NX 16-50 Power Zoom lens for my NX300 due to the small form factor.

      Now I ran into the problem that I cannot use the lens correction anymore which worked flawlessly on my four other NX lenses.


      Searching the internet I found under the following link:


      that the lens of question should be supported by my Lightroom 4.4 (actually from 4.0 on).

      However, if I click on the lens correction I get nothing.

      See here for an example with my 30mmF2 and the 16-50 PZ:


      I didn't do anything different. And the lens is also not available in the manual selection.

      Please help. I will fly tomorrow to a very amazing place and bought the lens for the 16mm - however uncorrected is has a lot of distortion on 16 mm. So I'm thinking of taking the bulky 18-55 that I can correct instead...


      Thanks a lot for help!



      EDIT: Firmware version are the latest for both body (v1.45) and lens (v1.20)