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    Samsung lenses in Camera RAW 8.7.1


      After the latest update of Camera Raw 8.7.1 I still cannot see the Samsung 1650S and 50150S lenses. Due to this I cannot open my RAW files. Do I need to select some link specifically? How could I open my RAW files with Camera RAW 8.7.1 for the Samsung NX1 lenses?@

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          ccastleb Adobe Employee



          Lens correction data for the Samsung NX1 is written into the raw image files and automatically applied in Camera Raw. If you are having trouble opening the raw images, that may be a separate issue. If you can open them, there should be an information icon in the bottom of the Profile tab of the Lens Corrections panel that explains which profile is applied and which optical conditions are being corrected.


          Hope that helps,


          - Chris

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            Bezemer Level 1

            Hi Chris,


            Thank you for your reply and sorry for my late answer. I can open the RAW files in Camera RAW, but then I cannot select the lens I used. In fact, I used the Samsung 1650S lens. This lens does not show in the lens profile list. I added a print screen. (It is in Dutch).

            Do you know how I could add the 1650S lens? Or whom to contact to have this lens added to Camera RAW?


            LR5 Camera RAW 8.7.1 SamsungLensProfiles.jpg


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              ccastleb Adobe Employee

              Hi @Bezemer,


              I just returned from holiday break so my apologies for the late response.


              Early Samsung models did not include lens correction data in raw images, which is why you see a small selection of models available. We built external profiles for those.


              Current Samsung cameras embed this data in the raw images, so there is no need to enable corrections for most aberrations (usually distortion and chromatic aberration) as it is applied automatically by ACR.


              With your image loaded in the ACR plugin, you should see an information icon at the bottom of the Profile tab notifying you of a built-in profile. Clicking that icon will display a dialog that explains which aberrations are being corrected by the built-in profile. However, based on your screen shot it appears like the ACR About Box is displayed in this location instead.


              Is that the case, and if so, what happens if you switch to English?


              Thanks and Happy New Year!


              - Chris