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    I need help with tracking




      Ok the video that you can see on my youtube is the one I need help with. The video is actually in 1080p and I have no idea why it is showing in such a low resolution, but that is not the problem. I need to track the gun and add a null to that track, after that I want to add a red solid layer and bring down its opacity a little, to simulate a laser sight from the gun.Then I tried to parent and SHIFT parent the red solid to the track, the end product would have to look like what you can see in the picture. I have watched a TON of videos about tracking and just can not the the result I need. the laser needs to follow the gun as I aim up and bring the gun down. How should I do this.......? Please someone help or link me a tutorial that will be helpful.....

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You need to track two points on the gun, one front and one back so you get angle, scale and rotation. Apply that to the null and then parent to your beam.


          The gun is so small and the background is so similar to the gun that accurate tracking is going to be difficult.

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            Iggorr25 Level 1

            Ok your advice was helpful, In this video I explain my problem, if you have the time please watch it and explain to me what I am doing wrong.... Ans again the video should be in 720 now but for some reason on youtube it is not, maybe it needs time to process

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              Iggorr25 Level 1

              Your advice about the 2 tracking points in order to get the scale and rotation was helpful, THX a lot

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You have a couple of problems. First you don't need to use shift parent, just parent. Second, your red solid is a 3D layer and you have applied 2D tracking info to the solid. Actually, there's another mistake and it is in the tracking. You should also be tracking scale because the gun moves from left to right as well as up and down. This changes the distance between the front and back tracking points.


                My workflow with this project would be:

                1. Track Motion of the front and back of the gun including position, scale and rotation
                2. Apply the track info to a null called GunTrack or something like that
                3. Add a solid and apply the beam effect or mask the red solid to simulate the shape of a laser sight
                4. Change the blend mode of the solid to ADD
                5. Move the anchor point to the center of the starting point of the laser
                6. Parent the solid to the Gun Track null

                That should do it.

                Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.28.38 AM.png

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                  Iggorr25 Level 1

                  Wow THX a lot for the detailed answer I have made the effect I was talking about already but this sounds to good to be left out so I will redo the whole thing. THX agan use SHIFT Parent?


                  P.S. when do you use SHIFT Parent???? an example maybe.....?