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    Yet another broken Mac Installer?


      Just like the last several "you must update due to security reasons" updates, the installer for OS X is USELESS! How hard is it to make one that works?! I mean, if you offer a download for an installer it should do more than ask your password to allow it to install, then NOTHING AT ALL. That's what the install on your page does. It pops up an alert about running a program downloaded from the internet, then asks for a password to actually let it install… then NOTHING. No box for installing, nothing about a license or where it'll install… just NOTHING. Then it eventually closes itself. I go to the Flash player test page, and just like the last 2-3 versions, the installer is doing absolutely nothing, forcing me to jump through hoops like a circus animal to do what your installer SHOULD BE DOING for me. I am not super savvy on the computer, and it takes me a long time to get this done. If it wasn't that I NEED it for some stuff I do online for school, I would remove flash and never use it again cuz you ppl can't get it together to even make a working installer for my Mac. That sucks!