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    xml loaded image placement

      i have an xml-driven slideshow, and it works fine...however when the image is loaded from the xml document, it is not being loaded in the right location on the stage. can someone help with coding in the coordinates of where i would like the images to show up?
      here is the code i have:

      //load xml and images
      slides_xml = new XML();
      slides_xml.onLoad = startSlideShow;
      slides_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
      // Show the first slide and intialize variables
      function startSlideShow(success) {
      if (success == true) {
      rootNode = slides_xml.firstChild;
      totalSlides = rootNode.childNodes.length;
      firstSlideNode = rootNode.firstChild;
      currentSlideNode = firstSlideNode;
      currentIndex = 0;

      any help is much appreciated...