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    Create image thumbnail later

    mmmathur Level 1

      Hello, I've a script which import images from a server and link it in InDesign also some IDMS files from text source and put it in InDesign. The problem here is this file may have up to 1500 images with very large in size that takes lots of time to generate the InDesign file, So my question from this forum is:

      • Can we make image import process speedy ?
      • Can we generate image thumbnail later by script so that quickly it generate InDesign file and later in background keep importing the images ?
      • If yes, then can some tell the way to do that ?
      • If no, is there any other way to achieve this goal?


      Note: Basically this script I'm using in an InDesign flex extension.




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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          @Mac – did you experiment with the preferences of InDesign?


          By scripting something around this:


          app.displayPerformancePreferences.defaultDisplaySettings = ViewDisplaySettings.OPTIMIZED;
          app.displayPerformancePreferences.ignoreLocalSettings = true;
          var myLayoutWindows = app.documents[0].layoutWindows.everyItem();
          myLayoutWindows.overprintPreview = false;
          myLayoutWindows.screenMode = ScreenModeOptions.PREVIEW_OFF;
          myLayoutWindows.viewDisplaySetting = ViewDisplaySettings.OPTIMIZED;


          Also, try to "optimize" the inital definition for the "OPTIMIZED" view display settings without a script (I could not find a hook in scripting to change these) by pulling the switch for raster graphics, vector graphics and transparency to the left. No antializing, greek text for type above 30 pt.).


          Don't know if that will help…

          If you do "optimization" right, the placed graphics will be shown as gray boxes with an "x" in it:

          Until you change the view settings to "High Quality" or "Typical".



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            mmmathur Level 1

            Laubender, Thanks for reply. Yeah, That is awesome Idea. It helped me reducing INDD file generation time by half.


            Again Thanks a ton for prompt help!!