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    Adobe Send, Uploaded file disappears after uploading to Acrobat.com Files

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      I need to send an 803 MB MP4 file to a customer.


      I have tried to upload the file to Acrobat.com files - it took about 2 hours 20 minutes to upload, and the progress bar reached the end, then just disappeared.


      My uploaded file is not visible in Files, and I did not get any error message.


      I had this problem several months ago when Send was first released.  The advice at that time was that there was a known problem and users were advised to use SendNow to get around the problem.  SendNow has been doing the job perfectly, but today I logged in to see a message that SendNow has been retired and can no longer be used for uploading files.


      I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 and Firefox 34.0.5.


      I have since tried uploading a 700KB MP4 file, and a 2.6 MB PDF using exactly the same method and they worked perfectly.  It seems that size is an issue, but surely an 803 MB file should not be too big for this service?


      Thanks for any help.