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    windows 10


      I'm actually using the technical preview of windows 10 to do some tests, and I have a lot of issues with the creative cloud installation app.


      I am not able to see the apps availables in the app tab. It's possible to install some softs by initiating the install from the website but I frequently loose the connection with adobe servers despite my internet connection works fine.


      Once the app is installed (tested with photoshop and lightroom), everything works perfect, but the creative cloud issue is disturbing.


      I know that windows 10 is under active development, but does anyone has the same issue and fixed it ?



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is an open forum with "some" Adobe staff participation, report bugs at this link

          https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform for feature requests or bugs


          Also, since it is Win 10 that is new, tell Microsoft to fix their problems

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            rjmas Level 1

            Not helpful. What we users want to hear is that Adobe and Microsoft are COMMUNICATING throughout the development process. I want to be confident that if I upgrade to Windows 10, ALL my software will work properly - especially my Cloud subscriptions. As consumers, the last thing we want to experience is all the finger-pointing. And as a person with over 25 years in IT support, I want to see ALL entities working together to address all the issues that arise during beta testing phases. Telling another entity to "get it together" is counterproductive.

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              dear internet bad guy,

              if CC is the Most important than the OS is NOT. if it don't work stay within system requirements that Adobe Tells you! Win7, 8, or 8.1

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                rjmas Level 1

                Not sure just who "internet bad guy" is, but the point of the original post is to know if Adobe is at least monitoring the issues being brought up when running Windows 10. Seeing it is due to be mass released as a free online upgrade maybe as early as June of this year, it would be prudent for ALL other software entities to get ahead of any potential issues so that when users upgrade - and they will - there aren't too many setbacks to their ability to continue using their software seamlessly. And yes, the OS is the priority. Why do you think developers scramble to redesign games when PS3 goes to PS4, or Xbox 360 goes to Xbox One?


                So telling someone to remain on the platform that will be upgraded and outdated simply because the CURRENT system requirements dictate so, is not only moronic, but it is counterproductive to informed product development.


                So let's keep the discussions constructive and informed with a goal to deliver information to Adobe and hopefully get some feedback.