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    AE CC 2014 Best Render Engine Setup

    Big Al 3D Level 1

      So we're a group of 5 editors who use AE and Premiere. I also use Cinema 4D and used their Net Render (now Team Render) to great advantage. Since AE is pretty heave in terms of resources, it's not practical for use to use each other's Macs for render while we're working on other projects.


      We're all on the same network for starters so that's one thing off the list. Would it be a good idea/doable to build one turbo-render-monster PC on the network that only renders our jobs? I know a network of computers can be faster, but then there's all the asset transfer, bandwidth and different CPU speeds, etc. What sort of PC would qualify as a render monster and make a serious dent in our rendering?


      Most of our jobs are :30 sec. projects, lots of motion graphics, some effects, motion blur. Also some longer-form stuff too in the 1 – 2 min variety, but these are mostly Premiere edits.