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    Position of scrubber bar

    ArtKohn Level 1
      We will be running an flv video showing an on-screen video and in turn we will be syncing other screen events to the position of the speaker’s scrubber bar.

      (We do not plan to imbed any cue points in the video since this will complicate content development. Instead, we will be storing the list of events and their timing in a data base.)

      The application is designed to continually monitor the position of the scrubber bar and then look at the database to see if it needs to change any of the screen events. For example, when the flv reaches 23 seconds, the database will indicate that we need to show a JPEG. Likewise, if the user herself moves the scrubber bar to say 44 seconds, then when she releases the mouse button, we will again check the database and present the appropriate media element.

      That said, here is the question: When the student is holding the button down on the scrubber bar, is there a way to continually monitor the bar’s temporal position while she is scrubbing forward or back? If so, then would it be possible to use this time-value to be able to constantly update the synced onscreen activities?

      I'd appreciate any help !