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    Clipboard Handling ... font is not retained

    jaylitten Level 1

      I do this same project at the end of each year, and this was not a problem with InDesign last year


      When I copy Arial 13pt text in Excel 2011 (Mac) and paste into the current version of InDesign CC, the font styling is lost.  InDesign converts the text to it's default: Minion Pro 12pt.


      As always, I have my preferences in InDesign set ... Preferences > Clipboard Handling > Paste All Information (Index Markers, Swatches, Styles, etc.) is enabled.  Note that "Styles" is an attribute that InDesign is supposed to retain when pasting into InDesign CC.


      1. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

      2. Is there a known workaround for this?


      Thank you!

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What will happen, if you:

          1. Paste to TextEdit app

          2. Copy again from TextEdit app

          3. Finally paste to InDesign?


          What exact version of InDesign CC did you use last year?
          What exact version is it now?


          Did you change the OSX version in the course of the year?



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            jaylitten Level 1

            Thank you for the suggestion, Laubender.  The font styling is retained by TextEdit, but InDesign still does not retain the font styling when the text is copied in TextEdit & pasted into InDesign.


            It turns out this is a bug in InDesign for Mac, and I reported the bug.


            I happen to have Windows 8.1 Pro installed on this same iMac.  When I performed the same task in InDesign for Windows, InDesign retains the font styling successfully.  So, this is just a problem Adobe needs to fix in InDesign for Mac.


            Lucky I have Windows machines available. 


            Thank you again.