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    how to import photos from NAS drive


      I just started using lightroom and all my photos are on a NAS.


      i want to keep the catalog on my iMac, but the photos on the NAS (Synology)


      I have light room 5.7, and the latest Software on the NAS. Everytime i try to import a folder on the NAS with ~625 Raw images light room hangs. And locks up the computer. I have copied the same folder to a local disk and i can import it with no issues.


      My network is 1GB (1GB Switch, network adaptors, etc....) between the Computer and the NAS. I use the NAS for storing everything. I can't move all the photos to the Mac with out filling up my disk on it. I have read this does work, but i am not having any luck.


      Are there any suggestions? this is a new install of Lightroom 5.7, there is not previous catalog.