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    AMF RPC Configurations

    dishmael Level 1
      I've got my AMF service configurations in a file called 'service-config.xml' which I load during compile time using -services "service-config.xml". Inside the file, I have one destination and three channels (one for each server the app gets deployed onto) configured.

      <service ...>
      <destination id="test">
      <channel ref="testChannel"/>
      <channel-definition id="testChannel" .../>
      <channel-definition id="test2" .../>
      <channel-definition id="test3" .../>

      Things work great with the first channel (test); however on the other servers (test2 and test3) I modify the service-config.xml and then I have to recompile.

      So here's my question...

      Is there a way to use the service-config.xml file so that its not part of the compilation process so that I can make changes to the config file on the fly? Maybe I'm not using it correctly or if someone knows a better way...