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    Line numbering, how?

    dalnym Level 1

      It is the year 2014, and a bad program like MS Word do have a function for Line numbering. From what i can see, there is no function for line numbering in InDesign, but there is in FrameMaker: Line numbers in FrameMaker | New in FrameMaker 11: XML Authoring Features | Adobe TV


      I know about this free script: http://indesignsecrets.com/quickly-add-line-numbers-with-this-free-script.php

      But that script is quite useless, thb. It does not continue throughout the pages of the document, instead, it restarts at 1 at every new page, and you need to add the lines manually to all pages.


      Is there any other way?! Is there a nother free plugin or, even better, is there a function for this in InDesign? I have the latest version and update of the program. It is hard to believe that adobe has let out of the program this simple, yet importent, fuction