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    Reflowable epub hyperlinked TOC


      https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/gooseberry-island/id922401549?mt=11When I export my reflowable epub (version 2.0) a hyperlinked TOC appears at the end of the book. Is this normal? iBooks provides the drop down TOC and that works fine, so it's not an issue of not having a working TOC. I'm new to using InDesign and am using CC 2014.

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          I have had this happen, and I believe it is because InDesign follows the layout of the objects in the document when exporting to the ePub, unless you set the Export options to use the Articles panel order instead. The TOC is not threaded in order with the other pages of the book, so it does not come until the end of the entire document. The way I dealt with this issue was to use the Articles panel, and my recollection is that that solved the problem.  I had to add the TOC to the Articles panel in the order where it should go, rather than at the end of the book.