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    Adobe apps adding strange buzzing sound to my audio system when opened.

    Todd Mobley

      When I open Adobe apps, a strange buzzing occurs in my audio rig. I first noticed it in Premiere Pro, but it also happens when I'm editing tracks in Audition. This proves difficult when editing audio, as I think the noise is coming from my tracks, but the tracks are clean.




      I've bumped the audio level on this recording to make it easier to hear, but it's much more subtle when i'm working. At 44 seconds, you can hear the noise drop out when I close Premiere Pro CC.


      Some info about my system:


      Mid 2010 Mac Pro 8 Core with 32GB RAM
      Latest versions of Premiere Pro CC and Audition CC

      Mackie Onyx Blackjack Interface

      Mackie Big Knob Command Syste


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