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    I miss the save to PDF functionality


      I agree with all this feedback. I especially miss saving as PDF. Some of us actually use more than Adobe products on our iPads (perfidy, I know). I don't want to have to drag my laptop around as well as my tablet just so I can import to Illustrator. I made some great illos by combining the freehand feel of Adobe Ideas with the precision of a technical drawing app. Draw has no type tool and no gradients and no Bézier curves with anchor points and handles. No align. No pathfinder functionality. These features and more I get from a different, non-Adobe app. Until the PDF functionality is added to Draw, I'll continue to use Ideas instead. I'm guessing that the decision to limit users to Adobe products was the brainchild of some MBA in a suit, against the protests of Adobe's usability team. You've set the brand back by treating customers this way.