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    Is there a way to place a photo/graphic inside a text box with text?

    synterx Level 1

      Have a nasty pricelist to do, 200+ pages. Listings top to bottom, lines everywhere.


      I've figured out a workflow that would make my life 1000 times easier if I can do like I can do in a DIV on a website, put a photo (in this case an Illustrator file) into the background of a text box. I can then use the inset feature to push the text down off the top edge a bit, leaving the heading which are part of the Illustrator file, untouched as text flows.


      I can find nothing on a google search about doing this. It's either use 2 boxes, one graphic, one text, or not at all.


      Anyone know of a way? An Extension to ID maybe?  I'm using CC2014 mac.


      Oh ID pro's, can this be done at all?