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    Prem Elem 13 - When selecting Hollywood Looks FX: No Disk in Drive E:


      Hi All,


      I was having this error very frequently and discovered that it started happening after I applied the Hollywood Looks effect Old Film to my movie. It was awful. I could never use the movie anymore. Anything I tried to do after adding this Effect triggered the No Disk in Drive E: error.


      I was then able to remove the effect and my movie went back to normal.


      Then, I decided to give it another try. What I noticed was that once I chose Hollywood Looks from the FX menu to see the available effects, the error showed up again. I had to press the Cancel button 16 times before I could use anything. While I was pressing the cancel button, I could see that the icons of the effects were not showing. When I was done with the 16 clicks, the icons appeared. Why 16? There are 16 effects in this Hollywood Looks library. Coincidence? I don't think so. Maybe it is trying to access something that was supposed (?) to be in drive e:... Why would it do that? I have no idea.


      Maybe this description will help someone figure out why it is happening and help us solve this problem.


      Unfortunately I can't use these effects and I really wish I could use them in the project I am working on right now.


      Thank you for all your insights and for a solution if you already have one.


      BTW, I am using Windows 8.1 and I also have Premiere Elements 11 in my computer.



      Mackenzie Melo