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    Object > Export Object isn't a menu option

    WhyIsThereNoRum Level 1

      I'm working on a document.  I'm trying to add alt text to images and design elements, and I went to Object to open the Export Object and it's not there.  I've always just added alt text directly in a pdf before, in short documents and brochures it takes 5 minutes.  This is a 60+ page document and I know that would drive me insane.  So I've never actively looked for this feature before, supposedly it's standard in CS6, I downloaded the full product when I bought it so it should be there.  And everything I've found said this is the ONLY way to add Alt text in CS6.


      Now I'm annoyed, a little frustrated, and trying to get help through Adobe just made it worse since all I want is for someone to help me, not get sent around in circles trying to find an answer to something that apparently hasn't happened to anyone else, ever. 


      How do I get this option to appear in the menu???  Does it even really exist?