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    Assigning an action to pause all audio files. How?


      What I'd like to do is have one action that will pause all AUDIO files with just one line of code. Someone once said I could just assign a class and have the action pause anything with that class. However, there is no way (at least not that I could find) to assign a class to an audio file.

      This is what I'm dealing with so you can have an idea:
      I'm creating an Animate project for a band that has 9 albums, and each album has appx 10 songs. When someone clicks on the album cover, the album's info, including a song list, appears in a div on the Stage. They can then click on any of the song titles and the corresponding song starts playing. They can then click on another song, which pauses the first song and starts the new song. They can then click on a different album cover, which swaps the albums. The swapping of the albums is easy (just clear out the container div, then load a new album info div into it). The issue I'm running into is how to swap the songs belonging to the same album without having to write 9 separate pause actions (one for each song that could be playing) and one play action for each song and assign them to each button. I've already tried Mute All Audio to a mousedown then a play action to a mouseup, but it mutes all of the audio forever and the song won't play even though the play action is assigned to a mouseup (which comes after a mousedown). I've also tried to make each song into a Symbol and swap them in and out of a container div, but that starts the song playing from the beginning, when I'd like to have the song pause so it starts back at the same spot.

      Any other ideas?