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    Video Blink drag and drop effect in Premier Pro

    Mat Barkley

      Hey there!


      Recently made the switch from FCP7 to PP CC and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered frustrations with not being able to find an effect in PP to mimc the Blink one in F

      Nothing complicated, just trying to layer one video over the other and have the top one flash from 0-100% opacity (or on or off) repeatedly. Preferably with some sort of control of the rate that it does this (in FCP there is a "Frames off (#) versus Frames on (#)")


      Everywhere I look people seem to keep telling me "Just keyframe the opacity at 0% frame over the desired amount and key frame at 100%, then repeat until the clip is do


      Not only is it crazy labour intensive just to pull off a basic effect that way but theres no way to change your on/off rate short of redoing the entire process.


      I've loved making the switch to PP so far but this is an effect that I get a serious amount of use out of and it's driving me insane.


      Thanks for any help/advice!t