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    Exporting epub - advanced options InD CS6


      I'm learning to produce an epub in InD 6. I've watched several videos, articles and tutorials. Being more visually oriented, manual-style learning is not as effective as video (viewing instructions). Even so, many of these sources leave out details or info, for instance, in the exporting options. They skip over certain selections as though they were not important. So why would the options be there? (rhetorical)


      I've included two screen captures. First indicates a tutorial's drop down options for the Advanced epub export (several). The second indicates what I see in my same export drop down options... only two. I could find nothing in Prefs about this. Any ideas on why I'm missing the other options?


      YouTube export options.pngepub export advanced.png


      Also do you have any Adobe video instructions for epub production. Several questions I've had along the way which these tutorials are not covering. Things like, if an image that is anchored into text will not fit on the page (6x9) with rest of text, can I overlap the image over the text? If an image happens to be partially off the page, will it still export entire image?


      thanks for any resolutions...