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    Flash MX Tree Component problem


      I am importing XML into my tree component and i want my tree to be able to have different Folder icons as well as different file icons.

      I am using the iconField property to set the icon i want to use. This works for any branch but not for Folders. I also want to be able to set the IsBranch properity this way to. I dont really want to have to parse through my entire xml file to set these so i was wonder if there was an easier way.

      My XML would look very similiar to this:

      <node label="MAIN">
      <node label="FOLDER" icon="Folder">
      <node label="FILE" icon="FILE" />
      <node label="MISSING FILE" icon="MISSING />
      <node label="MISSING FOLDER" icon="MISSINGFOLDER" IsBranch="false"/>