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    Custom checkbox javascript


      I have Yes & No checkboxes that are required fields. If "No" is checked, various other fields become disabled and turn gray but the unchecked "Yes" box is still required because the Yes & No boxes have the same Name but different values. Is there a script to make the "Yes" box become either disabled or not required, independent of the "No" box or will I need to give the 2 boxes different names?

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you want the check boxes to be mutually exclusive, then you need to give them the same name and different export or option values. For check boxes the number of possible answers is the number of check boxes with the same name + the unselected value of "Off".


          It is possible you could write a script to make 2 different check boxes work like an exclusionary group but you would need scripts for both buttons.


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            Nagannudj Level 1

            Yep. I expected as much. I was just hoping there might be an easier way to do it as I have a bunch of these Yes/No buttons that trigger other things within in the form so it's going to be labor intensive (including a bunch of custom form reset scripts). Ugh!


            Thanks for confirming that I'm proceeding in the right direction though.