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    How can I shorten the video rendering time in PS CC2014?

    dan sb

      9 minute video just took 22 hours to render - 2.5 hours per video minute! 2 camera operation, all clips as Smart Objects and separated into 2 video groups, Camera Raw Filter edit for color control and sharpening, several clips have Transform cropping, audio within 1 video, no keyframes, output converted from 1080p to 720p so lots of stuff going on. 2-year old pc, 16GB RAM, 10GB RAM allocated to PS, 8GB RAM in use; 4-core i7 processor at 35% utilization, no network activity. 3 minute videos took only 1 hour per video minute. Premier not an option. Increasing RAM allocation is one guess. Thanks.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you delete the two Camera RAW Smart filter adjustment layers. How long does it take to render the video.   I don't know if Camera RAW color correction is going to be beneficial for video NTSC, Pal etc. Video encoding and compression only has full frames sever so often in a video stream most frames are just differences so I don't know how effective sharpen is for Video. Perhaps Smart object and smart filters are just increasing processing time and not adding great value.  Considering Digital Video Camera can encode video in real time. Also the video you get from a Digital Camera is Process video may be encoded with Motion Jpeg or some other some other video encoding.  How well can it be sharpened and color corrected.  Transforming and Cropping does not need to be done using  Camera RAW as a smart Filter.