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    iPhoto Import Time




      I'm on a MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012) running Lightroom 5.7. I'm finally migrating my photos over from PhotoMechanic and iPhoto to LR and part of that includes importing an existing Library from iPhoto.


      I've already imported roughly 10,000 photos from a folder based organization system into my Catalog. My Catalog resides locally on my laptop (solid state drive with 16GB of ram, this guy should be plenty fast) and my photos are located on my local network on a NAS. Importing photos from a normal folder on my laptop or from an SD card is fine, the network transfer to the NAS isn't a bottleneck, generating 1:1 previews and Smart Previews on my laptop is.


      My iPhoto Library also lives locally on my SSD and includes roughly 15,000 photos (about 30GB worth). I'm attempting to use the new "Import from iPhoto Library" feature in LR 5.7 but it is intolerably slow. The import has been working for over 48 hours and is only at 46% complete. By my observations LR is taking an average of 40 seconds to import each photo. I'm hoping that LR is checking for and rejecting duplicates, but the "Import from iPhoto Library" dialog is different from the normal import process and is pretty bare bones, I'm scared I'll still have to weed out any duplicates and trash it may import. I wouldn't expect the import process to be lightning fast, but this slow enough to cause serious concern.


      At this rate LR should take just shy of 7 full days working around the clock to complete the import. Something has to be horribly wrong, right? Is there anything I can do to check for a memory leak or speed up the process?


      Thanks for any help!