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    i need help with color correction (im not sure if what i want its called color correction but i bring examples)


      ok thanks for reading me, im an amateur guy who wants to edit his videos in order to have that look like tv show or cinematic, i dont want just the 2 seconds curves tutorial to improve videos, y want something more like these videos


      Buildings & Vampires on Vimeo    (second 30)

      A-Trak & Tommy Trash’s Tuna Melt | The Kid Should See This  (1:32) (and also all the video but more like what i want in 1:32)

      i dont know how to say it but theres a way to make blur and lights way better and i see it in a lot of videos, i can just think of this examples for now but maybe you get it, sorry for my english, hope you can help me