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    editing text on title page


      I am trying to create a title page for a video, but cannot figure out the process.  If I get the text done and want to make changes, I can do it sometimes and other times I can't get the page to allow changes.

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          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? What workspace

          are you using in the Premiere Elements version that you have?


          Generalizing for now....titles are created in the program Titler. When you complete creating the title you close the Titler.

          If you want to re-edit the title file on the Timeline, you double click the file on the video track to open the Titler for further



          Once we know the details of your program version, we can get at the core of where you may be getting detoured in the

          process of title creation and re-editing of the title.


          Please review the following Adobe documents on Premiere Elements titles

          Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Creating and trimming titles

          and then we can address the specifics of your workflow.


          Looking forward to your follow up with details to help us help you.