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    Bug? Moving objects between documents


      When I copy-paste a small icon (16x16 pix) made in Fireworks document A to Fireworks document B everything looks fine and the icon has the same sharp edges as it had in document A. However; when I save doc B and re-open it, the icon is blurred and when I mark it I see that its control points have moved half a pixel to the side, hence anti-aliasing the whole thing and destroying it. I have tried un-checking the anti-alias option for the object but when I re-open the document again, the same thing happens.

      So far, the only procedure I have found to get around this is to use the white arrow and move every point back to their actual pixel. A really tedious and unneccesary work!

      Is there a way to avoid this whole thing when copying?

      I would be really greatful for an answer!