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    Flash CC 2014 html publishing banners - why you removed the default top and left margin? How to put it back in?

    Falrinth Level 1


      When im making bazilions of flash banners for my clients they want to see the html preview cause not all clients have standalone flash player installed to open swf in original scale. It wasnt problem in CS4 (and all other versions i have used so far), but in CC 2014 published html previews have no margins on top and on the left of the embedded swf - that makes previewing them troublesome when someone want to judge if border is subtle enough etc (banners are never snatched closely to the border of the screen in their natural habitat ). Manually changing all published html previews to add these margins is misunderstunding, especially when Adobe charge so much money for new versions that supposed to be better, and require less effort to produce stuff in them... Perfect solution would be to be able to publish banners center on the html preview file, but i can live with just these oldschool top and left margins with swf in top-left corner.


      Is there a way to add to the default html preview file the margins back? I need them a lot. And im getting tired of Adobe making my life harder with each expensive version of their software im forced to buy due to no backward compatibility of fla files i have to work on with agencies.


      Thanks in advance for any help.