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    Working on desktop and then laptop when traveling. How to deal with RAW files on portable HD


      My working machine is a Mac Pro desktop with a 3TB internal drive as my Work Drive, which contains Original Raw files and Derivative files (PSD's and other finals).

      Lightroom version 5.7

      When traveling I take a MacBook Pro, which I try to keep lean and mean - minimal apps and folders/files. . I have two x 2TB portable hard drives that have copies of the RAW files from the Mac Pro Desktop. Before hitting the road I copy the most recent catalog and preview files from my Desktop to my Laptop (or a small portable HD).


      I have a couple of issues.


      How to effectively "split" the 3TB internal hard drive in the studio Desktop across two, 2TB external hard drives, so I have all my working RAW files with me on the road, so I can work on them with Lightroom.  


      Once I'm on the road, when I open Lightroom on the Laptop, in Library mode Lightroom lists all the folders and files in order as seen on my Desktop Mac Pro internal HD. Copies of the Raw files are on the portable HD, so I plug that into the laptop and locate one file per folder on the portable HD, check Find Missing Photos, and Lightroom now lists the portable HD to the list of folders in the Lightroom Library and adds that one folder I just located. As I easily have a couple of hundred folders, that is time consuming. Can I automate that process, so Lightroom locates all the files which are now on the portable drive I have with me?

      Once I'm back in the studio and connect the laptop to the Desktop machine, how do I combine the edited catalog on the Laptop with the catalog on the Desktop, because Lightroom, on the laptop, has now changed their location, as seen in Library, from the internal 3TB Working HD on my Desktop Mac Pro to the portable HD?   

      Thanks and please let me know if I'm not being clear and need to expand on what I'm doing.