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    Double membership - Double Charges

    Mario Busch



      My Creative Cloud plan missed 1 monthly payment because my credit card was blocked. I get my credit card re-activated just the same day which was the last day to process the missed payment. I went to manage my account and just found my membership disabled and converted to a free membership, so I go ahead and sign in again for a full membership.


      Now, I received an e-mail about re-activating my cancelled membership which now let me to have 2 full active memberships. I don't need two subscriptions so I  have been trying contact customer support chat, as phone support is not an option to me. I always getting a message that support chat is unavailable at the moment. Seems chat support will not return soon and after somedays I am here trying to fix this issue.


      So how can we fix this situation? I much prefer keep the new yearly plan, but is up to you choose which one will be.