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    A way to change metrics to 1 digit after comma?

    Falrinth Level 1

      Hello. I have just noticed Flash CC is using 2 digits after comma, and im just wondering if there is a way to change it to use only 1? In my work i ususally have to avoid having any other digit after comma in symbols position other than 0 and got used to quickly running trough tabs and stroking "end" and "backspace" to make everything more even so its sharper, now when there are 2 digits i have to stroke backspace twice (and many times forgeting about it due to years old habit). For some of you it might sound trivial problem, but when you multiply it by bazilions of stuff i have to do with deadline "yestarday" every bit of stuff i have to do even bit longer in the long run gives me a lot of wasted time. Its not a big problem, but would be awesome if i could make it easier.

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          And while im on that "quality of life" question for someoen who has to make millions of banners very fast:

          Is there a way to make objects moving snap to integer positions? SO when i move them around the workspace, they dont land on non-round positions? I would like to avoid putting them on for example: 10.70 - 230.40 but on 10 - 230. Would really appreciate any tip of how to do that.


          I have already tryied "snap to grid" and" snap to pixels" but it just puts it on half of pixels like 10.5 - 230.5 and that results in blurry bitmaps.