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    Yet Another modelsUnderRay Problem!


      I've seen a few posts about using the modelsUnderRay for collision detection but none of them have seem to help me. I've got a complex scene and adding collision detection to my character. However for some reason director crashes when I render the movie. I made sure the ray is not detecting the character which it has been added to. Heres the code I using...

      collisionList = pScene.modelsUnderRay(pCharBoundingBox.worldPosition + vector(1,1,1) , pCharacter.transform.yAxis,#detailed )

      As you can see the starting position of the ray is not the character position. And the collisionList is empty when its not detecting any objects, but director still crashes I have followed this tutorial to help get me here: http://www.fbe.unsw.edu.au/learning/director/3D/environment/collision2.asp

      Has anyone has any similar problems using modelsUnderRay before? Is there a better way for doing collision detection other than the method the tutorial shows you for more complex scenes?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestions