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    Combing adjectives and nouns (plugin)


      Hello fellow Indesigners,


      First of all, let me apologize for any language mistakes that might come, I'm dutch.


      I'm looking for a plug-in for Indesign 2014 that is able to combine 'articles' (is that the right word?) with adjectives and nouns. We create books in which these words cannot ever be seperated from each other, and so far, we have been doing this manually. This is so page breaks won't happen to these words. This will greatly improve our productivity if done automatically.


      I'm thinking of a plugin that recognizes articles, nouns and adjectives through some kind of list. Complete lists of nouns and adjectives are available on the internet.


      I drew this little figure to show what I mean.





      Now when the plugin detects:   [article] + [1 space] + [adjective]   it has to 'link' these word so they won't ever get seperated.


      Does anyone know of a plugin that is similiar to what I'm looking for? I really hope you guys can help me out.



      Juan Houter