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    downgrade from LR5


      It is possible to downgrade leaving LR5 and join again LR4? When the free period of LR 5 ends could I use my old LR4 version?

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          elie-d Level 4

          If you didn't uninstall LR4, it should still be there and can be used just as before. When you installed LR5 it made a copy of your LR4 catalog and then converted the copy to an LR5 compatible catalog, so the LR4 catalog should also still be in place unless you deleted it. Because they access different catalogs, 4 and 5 can even be used simultaneously.


          If you did uninstall LR4 you can download it here Adobe - Lightroom : For Windows or here Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh and if you have your LR 4 registration key, activate it. However, if you deleted the LR4 catalog file (.lrcat), there is no way to convert the LR5 catalog back to an LR4 catalog, so you will have to start over with a blank catalog.

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            MatPoliMI Level 1

            thanks! I was scared LR5 modify libraries or other stuff and then LR4 did not works...

            I know the problems about catalog files...