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    Squat photos in portrait in Literoom 4


      DECEMBER 2014






      Out of an import of 416 images altogether, Most Portrait images (but strangely  not all) have simply change into the Landscape position which results in all affected Images printing up as distorted squat images (as you would experience in a Fairground Hall of Mirrors.)


      In a series of approx 5 Portrait Images, each and every images changed positions one by one before my very eyes. With the net result as detailed above.


      There has to be a logical reason for this out of the blue phenomena, I fear that  unless I can get to the bottom of this (hopefully temporary) blip, this problem could continue in the future imports of other Images.


        P.S We have closed down the Program/Computer and effectively rebooted with no affect to date.

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          You're in the wrong forum.  This is not the Lightroom forum.


          Here's the link to the forum you want:


          Photoshop Lightroom

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            christibud wrote:


            There has to be a logical reason for this..

            There is. Orientation metadata in source file is not compatible with Lightroom.


            PS - the orientation changes for the same reason other things change after importing - Lr first shows camera-created jpeg, then re-rendering based on metadata interpretation and default settings...


            So, to solve the problem, consider:

            * checking camera vendor for upgraded firmware.

            * if you used pre-import software, report problem to software vendor.

            * if you did not use pre-import software, then report problem to camera manufacturer.

            * if camera manufacturer insists the problem is Lightroom, then report problem to Adobe here:


            Recently active topics in Photoshop Family about Photoshop Lightroom


            In the mean time, the solution probably involves exiftool, probably a command like:


            "/path/to/exiftool" -orientation="TBD" "/path/to/my/file"


            where TBD stands for to-be-determined


            exiftool is readily findable for download from Phil Harvey using internet search.


            When you determine the proper command, please post it here. If you can't determine the command, post a link to a sample file, and maybe somebody will help..


            PS - consider checking whether Lr5 has the problem too. Also, in cases such as this, it's good to specify make & model of camera, and operating system etc.